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Table of contents
Table of contents

What is Dispositions in real estate?

What does dispositions mean in real estate?

Dispositions is a term that refers to liquidation (selling) of a property or an interest in a property (i.e. assignment of contract). The term dispositions is commonly used in wholesale real estate and by institutional real estate investors such as hedge funds, private equity funds and REITs.

Real estate wholesalers typically have a "Dispositions Manager" who is responsible for assigning a contract of sale to an end buyer.

What tools do Dispositions Managers use?

  1. OfferMarket -- that's right, OfferMarket is a powerful tool for real estate dispositions. Rental property owners and wholesalers use OfferMarket to grow their buyers list, screen buyers, compare offers and sell properties fast.
  2. Build a buyers list and market to your list via email and SMS.
  3. Facebook Groups -- join Real Estate Marketplace: Wholesale, For Sale By Owner and Turnkey Rental Properties.
  4. Real Estate Data Providers -- this includes PropStream