Loan Referrals

Give $250, get $250

Private Lender Referral Program šŸ”—šŸ’°

Last updated: April 16, 2024

For DSCR loans and Fix and Flip loans funded by OfferMarket

Give $250 closing cost credit, get $250 cash

Simply by sharing your unique referral link link! Eligible partners earn up to $1,000 per referral -- contact to see if you qualify.

What makes OfferMarket different? (why you should refer leads)

Our private lending division, OfferMarket Capital LLC, is a leading low-cost private lender for rental property investors and flippers.

āš” instant quote and pre-approval
šŸ  specialized in DSCR loan (rental loans)
šŸšļø specialized in Fix and Flip loans
šŸ“‰ lowest interest rates
šŸ’° highest leverage
šŸ’ø lowest fees
šŸ§‘ā€šŸ’» self-serve online processing
ā±ļø fast close
šŸ•µļø real-time referral tracking

Our clients, media partners and brokers have been asking us for ways to make money by referring new clients. We're excited to introduce a simple way to to refer, track and get paid.

OfferMarket Referral Program

Easy as 1-2-3!

Copy: Log into your OfferMarket account and go to your My Loans page. Click 'COPY' to copy your link to your clipboard.

Share: Share your unique referral code on social media, email, and link it on your website!

Track: Track the status of loans in real time! Log into your My Loans dashboard to see the status of each loan that you referred.

Get Paid: Get paid in cash or credits that you can use towards your next loan.

OfferMarket Referral Program - $250

Join Our Affiliate Program

We work with media partners, influencers, real estate agents, wholesalers, real estate service providers and blog owners who are earning thousands of dollars simply by sharing their OfferMarket Referral Link. This program is designed for affiliates who engage with real estate investors. We are a leading low cost private lender specialized in DSCR loans and Fix and Flip loans. If your audience invests in 1-4 unit residential real estate, you can make easy money with OfferMarket.

Affiliate Type Best Practices
Media Partners Monetize your traffic: Share your referral link in content related to private lending, DSCR loans, Fix and Flip loans
Influencers Monetize your followers: Share your referral link on social media
Real Estate Agents Help your investor clients grow their portfolio: share your referral link on social, email campaigns, text message
Wholesalers Close more deals and earn more revenue: share your referral link with your buyers list, on social, email campaigns, text message
Real Estate Service Providers Monetize your clients and prospects: share your referral link on blog posts about hard money, private lending, DSCR loans and Fix and Flip loans

Referral Program FAQs

Find the answer to common questions about our referral program:

How do I track the status of my referrals?

To track the status of your referrals, visit your My Loans page and you will see a dashboard showing each referral and the associated loan status.

Is there a formal referral agreement?

Yes. Our referral agreement is included in our Terms of Service which you agree to by accessing our Website. Accordingly, there is no need to implement a separate referral agreement.

When do I receive my referral fee?

Your referral fee will be paid to you or credited to your OfferMarket account (depending on your preference) within 2 business days of the date your referred loan is funded and closed. If you experience any delays, or have any questions regarding payment, please email

Can I refer the same borrower more than once?

No. There is a limit of one payout per borrower.

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