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Table of contents

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Table of contents
Table of contents

Sell My House Fast For As Much As Possible

If I’m in a situation where I need to sell my house fast, I also want to sell it for as much as possible. I spent years saving up money to buy the house. I spent years paying my monthly mortgage, taxes and insurance. I don't want to just give the house away. I want to make sure I get a fair price. I want to make sure I optimize how fast I can sell my house with how much I can sell it for.

I would have so many questions...

Question: How do I sell my house fast? What’s the best way to sell my house quickly?

Question: How do I get as much as possible for my house? If I try to get too much for my house, will that delay my ability to sell my house?

Question: Do I need to sell my house for cash if I want to sell it fast?

Question: Who are these people who say “we buy houses” and “we buy houses for cash" -- I see their signs everywhere and they call and send me post cards.

Question: Should I work with a Realtor or should I avoid working with a Realtor? How much does a Realtor charge to sell my house?

Question: How to sell for sale by owner?

Question: What paperwork do I need to use to sell my house?

Question: Do I need a lawyer if I don't sell my house with a real estate agent?

Question: If I sell my house by owner but the buyer works with an agent, how does the buyer’s agent get paid? Do I have to pay them?

The marketplace

The marketplace is a powerful concept. Here are some important things to understand: ​

  • There are sellers, buyers, and agents.
  • The price at which buyers are willing to pay (bid) and sellers are willing to sell (ask) does not always converge.
  • You shouldn't sell your home for less than what buyers are willing to pay and close on your required timeframe.
  • Professional, savvy buyers try to avoid competition.
  • There's a price for everything, the market participants will determine it. Whether you as the seller accept it, will determine if a sale occurs.

Slow down, do your research, evaluate your options.

OfferMarket is a real estate marketplace that eliminates unnecessary participants and costs. We use modern technology to allow sellers to safely sell their houses fast at the highest price possible.

Sell my home fast and make buyers compete.

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