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Announcing 'Sell My House Fast' Day

This article shall serve as notice that every day at OfferMarket is 'Sell My House Fast' day. As long as you ask yourself or Google "how to sell my house fast", OfferMarket needs to be top of mind. Sell My House Fast is taking on a new meaning thanks to our super modern technology and ridiculously simple home sale process.

Sell my house fast and fair is more like it...

It's not about how fast you can sell your house. It's about how fast you can sell your home for a fair price. We're talking a yeah these folks at OfferMarket ran one hell of a process and made buyers compete "fair" price. No real estate agents, no middle man, no cash buyers with a cash offer, just regular other people looking at my property and trying to give me the best price and make sure it goes into good hands.

Does your house look like this?

If your home looks like the inside of the one in this video, and you're thinking to yourself "man, I need to sell my house fast", you should stop reading and create your free listing on OfferMarket. Each listing has a Co-Pilot, a tool that will help you sell your home quickly, help you avoid common pitfalls and prevent many headaches typically associated with a home sale. No matter what your properties curb appeal, list it to test the market, and see what investor appetite is really like. Is it time to sell, no one know, but what we do know is that its risk free and free to test the market by creating a free listing and letting Co-Pilot guide through the process to sell quickly.


A free listing on OfferMarket means you get the power of Co-Pilot, a AI technology tool that will guide you through every step of the way to selling your home. Think of it like for sale by owner (FSBO) with an artificial intelligence (AI) assistant that helps you at each step of the process.

Marketing your property with Co-Pilot

It will help you market your property to get you as many views as possibly by helping you do the following things:

  • Send a direct email to OfferMarket's buyers list (once you verify everything looks correct by sending yourself a test email, its very important to make a good first impression when marketing your property. The number one way to achieve that is to make sure your listing has good pictures and a detailed description, as well as reasonable list price. We noticed that below market listing prices make investors and retail buyers flock to your property and create bidding wars ultimately giving you more money for the property (if the bidding doesn't reach the price you like, you don't have to sell so there is really no down side). On the other hand, a high starting list price resulted in no one being interested in the property because that signals to the seller might not be reasonable and hard to work with, thus we always recommend pricing low (you don't have to sell if there is no bidding war) since that just attracts people, otherwise no one might even checkout the property. This is what we call a trojan horse strategy
  • Use OfferMarket's social media accounts, just as twitter and instagram to create online assets for your listing which will increase google's ranking of your listing and create a feedback loop to attract even more buyers
  • Help you send your listing to your own social media network such as facebook, linkedIn and twitter. If you don't have those social media accounts, we recommend that you create them because once more, sharing there will create more online assets that will help increase visibility of your listing on search results, ultimately giving you a wider reach
  • Co-Pilot recommends that you purchase a QR enabled lawn sign for your property that will be linked to your listing to generate even more local views for your property.
  • Boosting your listing on OfferMarket can also give you additional exposure and show the OfferMarket community that you are motivated to sell your property.

Once Co-Pilot helped you generate views for your property, people will start to schedule Tour to physically checkout your property. To make the best impression make sure to do a deep clean of the property but don't do any repairs, research shows that sellers never recover the cost of doing repairs and OfferMarket makes is clear to the buyers that they should expect properties to be as is. If somethings isn't up to their standards they should look for another property, everything should be factored into the listing price of the property.

Conducting Tours with Co-Pilot

OfferMarket gives your viewers ability to schedule property tours for your property, think of it like a more personalized open house for each requester. Co-Pilot helps facilitate each tour by doing the following:

  • Enables each requester to verify their ID through the website. This way, OfferMarket can ensure that each Tour is safe and provides an insurance that if anything goes wrong, there is always a paper trail to track down the Tour requester, helping us keep our seller safe and happy. On your listing you will be able to see when a requester has confirmed their ID and you will be able to move to the next step of the Tour process.
  • Requests that each Tour requester submits a proof of funds (POF), this way seller will be sure that each Tour requester is able to purchase the property and is not wasting seller's time. On your listing page, you will be able to see when Tour requester completes this step so you can move to the next step.
  • Schedule a Tour date and time. Once ID and proof of funds has been verified, the Tour requester and you can finalize the Tour date and time that works best for both of you. One the date and time is finalized, you will have to confirm it on the website so everything is absolutely clear and everyone can show up on the correct day at the correct time.
  • Leave Tour feedback. Once property Tour has been conducted, both Tour requester and you will be able to provide feedback on how everything went. This way we can maintain clear and transparent communication, on how things went and what were the pros and cons of the property from the perspective of the potential buyer. This step helps make sure everyone is aligned, helps reduce back and forth negotiations and ultimately expedite the closing of the deal.

Once several Tours have been conducted you will most likely receive an offer, and possibly even a cash offer for your property! At this point Co-Pilot will guide you through the closing process for the deal.

Evaluate Offers with Co-Pilot and sell your property

Once several offers have been submitted, you will be able to compare them, all in one place, on your listing! All the information you will need to make an educated decision in one place, without confusion or overwhelming details, just actionable pointers provided by Co-Pilot. Remember, you don't have to accept any offer that falls short of your expectations, so its really risk free for you to list with Co-Pilot, you are just testing the market, until market gives you the price you need.

Once you have picked the offer that best suits your needs, Co-Pilot will add a title company to manage the closing and start to request all the necessary documents from the buyer to finalize a closing date. Thanks to the automation and technology the process is much simpler than it used to be with traditional approaches which still leverage long email chains to gather all the necessary information. Closing costs will be broken down and included and because of high degree of automation of OfferMarket thanks to Co-Pilot (and some work that you have done to close this deal) closing costs should be lower than with traditional sales process.

Who uses OfferMarket's Co-Pilot?

Many people use OfferMarket's Co-Pilot. Since its a free AI technology tool to help you sell a house anybody who needs to sell a house can use it. Real estate agents, wholesaler, home sellers, owners (for sale by owner) have successfully utilized OfferMarket's Co-Pilot to close their real estate transactions quickly, efficiently, and at a fair price.

Co-Pilot sounds like a lot, do I have to use it?

It is a lot, but its easier then selling your home on your own, sale by owner (FSBO) and much much cheaper than getting representation (wholesaler or real estate agents) to sell your home. Co-Pilot is a self-checkout for real estate, which means to get the benefit (more money in your pocket) you will have to do some things to close the transaction (checkout). However, we do have another option....


OfferMarket also offers an improved version of Co-Pilot technology, called Auto-Pilot.

Auto-Pilot will take care of all Co-Pilot steps auto-magically. It will market your property, help with tours and deal with the closing of the transaction, but its not free like Co-Pilot. OfferMarket charges 1% fee at the time of the closing for the Auto-Pilot automation. This is a competitive fee, which is much smaller that what others charge and it gets you a fair and competitive price for your home (it advices you on what is a fair versus a low ball offer, and remember you never have to sell for a price you don't like, so its always a win-win). How do you get your house sold quickly for a good price? List for free, use OfferMarket's Co-Pilot (or maybe Auto-Pilot) and see what market of regular people, not predatory we buys your house for cash and don't get a second opinion investors, will pay for a dwelling they themselves want to live in!

​We buy houses in any condition. We buy houses in poor condition. By 'we', we mean our huge network of qualified buyers. Home buying is what OfferMarket investor community does for a living. Selling a house in poor condition is our specialty. Wondering how to sell a house in poor condition? Click the button below to create a free listing and get started with OfferMarket's Co-Pilot selling assistant. Listing your house will help you test the market for free and risk free.