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We can all agree, wholesaling real estate is hard. We understand how important it is to assign deals quickly and avoid lowering your assignment fee or worse.

Wasting a ton of time and money failing to assign contracts is painful and should not be a possible outcome for a good wholesale deal. There should always be reliable buyers ready for assignment of your contracts as well as motivated seller to make everything go smoothly.

That's where OfferMarket comes in.

We are a free real estate marketplace with thousands of qualified real estate investor and cash buyers.

They come to our platform to look for distressed properties, rental ready properties and anything in between.

We specifically created tools to help you find a buyer.

How it works:

Check out a video demo, detailed steps are broken down below:

  1. Create your free 'Basic' listing

  2. Our Co-Pilot mechanism will start to guide you through out platform

  3. It will help you upload pictures

  4. Add a description

  5. Add details about your property

  6. Send a test email to yourself to see an example of what your message will look like to all interested buyers who subscribed to OfferMarket notifications for the are in which your property is located

  7. Once you verify that your pictures, description and details look good in a test email you will be able to send a blast email to all OfferMarket subscribers that are active in the area of your property. This will officially kick off your OfferMarket marketing campaign and should generate initial views for your listing within a day or two. (Keep in mind, you can track how your views are growing using the graph on your listings page)

  8. Send blast to all OfferMarket subscribers (button on listings page, part of Co-Pilot), so you don't need to build our own buyers list, we already build one for you!

  9. Send a tweet using OfferMarket's twitter (button on listings page, part of Co-Pilot) to create more online assets that will be indexed by google and help your property listing rank higher on google searches when someone searches for properties in your area.

  10. Create an Instagram post using OfferMarket's instagram (button on listings page, part of Co-Pilot) to create more online assets that will be indexed by google and help your property listing rank higher on google searches when someone searches for properties in your area.

  11. Now that you used OfferMarket's marketing assets, time to use your own. Proceed down the list of buttons and use Share on Facebook button to share on your own facebook page. Its ok if you dont have many friends on facebook, or even if you dont have a facebook page at all (sign up and facebook will help you get first few friends). Just through sharing you will create another online assets that will be indexed by google and that will help your property page to be ranked higher when someone searched for properties in your area.

  12. Next, share on your LinkedIn (its ok to create it if you don't have it, linkedIn sign up process will help you with set up). This will create yet another online asset that will help your property listing rank even higher on google search, getting you even more views, which results in more competition and higher offers!

  13. Now, do the same to share it on your own twitter.

  14. Next step is to boost is on OfferMarket, which is a way OfferMarket pays for server costs and helps you market. Once you boost, your listing is featured on our front page and included in a weekly email to show to our subscribers that your property has been boosted!

  15. Finally, you can get the most effective marketing tool, a physical lawn sign for your property with a trackable QR code that leads anyone who scans it back to your listing. In our experience this is a very effective way to get more tour request for your property.

  16. Now bulk of your marketing is complete. We recommend your pulsate and re-share on your own Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter once a week to get even more online assets for google to index to drive more view.

  17. Views and Tour requests should come in over time and you can use Tour section of your listing to make sure Tour requesters verify their IDs and submit their proof of funds to filter out anyone who might be unqualified thus saving you lots of time and help you host safe Tours to only qualified buyers. We call this buyer due diligence.

  18. Once someone Tours they can submit and Offer, you have a way to track all submitted Offers on the listing page, all in one page so you and your Buyers are always, on the same page and can help them buy the property smoothly without any hick-ups.

  19. Our closing process will help you navigate real estate contract closing so you can provide a good experience to your buyers, for free! We can also introduce you to our preferred title company in your state if you need one, just ask.

All of the above steps expect for Boost ($5) and QR Lawn Sign ($40) are absolutely FREE!

We do encourage you to spend those *optional* $45 dollars on our services as they do give you a lot of value for such as small sum and could result in $1000s of dollars in higher offers due to expanded reach of your marketing

There are a lot of steps, but you get to have full control of your campaign, use our tools and save on any fees imposed by any middle men or real estate agent

###However, if you have a lot of inventory and too busy to work on disposition, OfferMarket can be your marketing and [dispositions](https://www.offermarket.us/real-estate-glossary/dispositions) department for just 1% of properties value. We call that service the Auto-Pilot (get it, we have Co-Pilot and Auto-Pilot).

We want you to make the highest margin, so if you do have the time to do all your own marketing, then by all means use just the Co-Pilot, but Auto-Pilot could save you a lot of time! And time is money!

We are constantly building tools to help you grow your business and we would love for you to join us and share your feedback so we can help you be even more successful.

Start listing your deals today!

Every professional estate wholesaler knows more buyers, more offers.

Our users want to be investing in real estate and your deals will help them do that. Since all deals on our marketplace are for sale by owner or under contract you don't have to have a real estate license

Save time, earn more, grow your buyers list and avoid price drops and lost revenue with OfferMarket.

The world needs great inventory. The world needs better wholesalers. OfferMarket will help you become a successful wholesaler and create a sustainable wholesaling business by closing many real estate deals as efficiently as possible.

To your success,

The OfferMarket Team

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