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We understand how important it is to assign deals quickly and avoid lowering your assignment fee or worse.

Wasting a ton of time and money failing to assign contracts is painful and should not be a possible outcome for a good wholesale deal. There should always be reliable buyers ready for assignment of your contracts.

That's where OfferMarket comes in.

We are a wholesale real estate marketplace with thousands of qualified buyers.

How it works:

  1. Create your free 'Basic' listing
  2. Qualified buyers subscribed to deals in your markets receive an alert
  3. Qualified buyers schedule tours and submit offers -- you get their contact info to build your buyer's list

Our service is entirely free and you can boost your listings to reach even more buyers.

We are constantly building tools to help you grow your business and we would love for you to join us and share your feedback so we can help you be even more successful.

Start listing your deals today!

More buyers, more offers.

Save time, earn more, grow your buyers list and avoid price drops and lost revenue with OfferMarket.

The world needs great inventory. The world needs better wholesalers.

To your success,

The OfferMarket Team

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