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Private Lender Data Feed

A private lender data feed is a directory of private lenders and hard money lenders. If you are a real estate investor, you can access the best private lenders in your market, easily compare rates and terms, and line up funding for your next deal.

Access our private lender data feed

What kind of loans are available through the private lender data feed?

Rental Loans

Rental loans are commonly based on DSCR with rates as low as 4% and origination points as low as 1%. Rental loans are available for the purchase of a rental property, or the refinance of a rental property you already own. These loans require a personal guarantee and a credit score of 680 or higher.

The LTV can go as high as 80% for purchases and 75% for cash out refinances.

Portfolio Rental Loans

Blanket portfolio loans for rental properties are for portfolios of 5+ single family rentals (1 - 4 units). Blanket portfolio loans are non recourse, meaning a personal guarantee is not required though there may be a bad boy provision.

If you own multiple rental properties, you can refinance them all at once with a blanket rental portfolio loan. If you want to purchase a portfolio of rental properties, a portfolio rental property loan is something to take a closer look at to save time and money.

Fix and Flip Loans

Also known as bridge loans, fix and flip loans typically cover 90% of the purchase price and 100% of the rehab. Interest rates are typically as low as 7.99% and origination points are as low as 2%.

Ground Up Construction Loans

A form of bridge loan, ground up construction loans usually cover up to 50% of the land purchase price and 100% of the construction.