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AM Best Ratings

When you shop for insurance, whether it's Landlord Insurance or Fix and Flip Insurance, it's important to choose an insurer that is financially strong and able to meet its obligations detailed in your insurance policy.

Many private lenders, including OfferMarket Capital, have a minimum AM Best rating requirement for DSCR Loans and Fix & Flip Loans.

At OfferMarket, we require all policies be written through insurers with a minimum of A- / VIII. As you will see from the ratings tables below, that means the insurer must be considered to have an "Excellent" ability to meet their ongoing insurance obligations, and their policyholder surplus must be at least $100 million.

What is AM Best?

AM Best is a financial services rating agency that specializes in assessing the financial strength and size of insurance companies.

Financial Strength Rating (FSR) Scale

The Financial Strength Rating is a statistical assessment of an insurer's ability to meet their ongoing insurance obligations. AM Best assigns a financial strength rating from A++ (Superior) through D (Poor). Our private lending division, OfferMarket Capital, requires a minimum FSR of A- (Excellent).

Superior A+ A++
Excellent A A-
Good B+ B++
Fair B B-
Marginal C+ C++
Weak C C-
Poor D -

Financial Size Category (FSC)

The Financial Size Category is a measure of Policyholder Surplus which is calculated by subtracting the insurance company's liabilities from its assets. The greater the policyholder surplus, the better able the insurance company can withstand adverse economic conditions and remain solvent.

Class Policyholder Surplus ($ Millions)
I Less than 1
II 1 to 2
III 2 to 5
IV 5 to 10
V 10 to 25
VI 25 to 50
VII 50 to 100
VIII 100 to 250
IX 250 to 500
X 500 to 750
XI 750 to 1,000
XII 1,000 to 1,250
XIII 1,250 to 1,500
XIV 1,500 to 2,000
XV 2,000 or greater

How to calculate Policyholder Surplus

Assets - Liabilities = Policyholder Surplus

What is Policyholder Surplus

Policy holder surplus is the liquidation value of an insurance company. If you were to sell all assets and repay all liabilities, the policyholder surplus is what would be left. In business, this is is otherwise known as book value.