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Try To Find Us On Product Hunt

OfferMarket launched today on Product Hunt, and we failed miserably.

We tried launching on Product Hunt today, if that's what you'll call it. We half-assed it. We put together our launch post and asked a few friends to upvote. 6 hours in and we have 3 referrals to our site from Product Hunt.

One person we asked for an upvote replied "I just like sold my soul to give you an upvote", here's what they were referring to in the sign up with Twitter authentication flow:


Then we tried to have some people find us on Product Hunt, but they couldn't because their search doesn't work...


So that's when we realized we probably were not going to be raising much awareness on Product Hunt this time around. It also made it clear that Product Hunt either has some bugs or performance issues, or the only people whose product launches percolate to the top of the daily rankings do one or both of the following:

  • know a lot of people already on Product Hunt and build a following on Product Hunt before launch
  • coerce a lot of friends, family and others for upvotes

Which doesn't lend much credibility to the platform as a utility for finding valuable tools.

Moving on then. We'll try again next time. We hope you enjoyed our post-mortem and how not to launch on Product Hunt.