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What is For Sale By Owner ("FSBO") in real estate?

What does FSBO mean?

FSBO means For Sale By Owner. This is a real estate listing format where the property owner has chosen to not be represented by a listing agent or realtor.

Why sell For Sale By Owner?

Sellers decide to sell For Sale By Owner when they want to avoid the traditional 5% to 6% commission charged by the listing broker and shared with the buyer's agent.

Should I sell For Sale By Owner?

Selling your house by owner is not easy but if you do it properly you can save thousands of dollars. In order to sell your house successfully by owner, you need to achieve the following:

✅ Buyer awareness
✅ Buyer competition

Without buyer awareness and competition, you will not be able to successfully generate a purchase price close to what you would be offered when you list "on-market" with an agent.

That's where OfferMarket comes in. With OfferMarket you can create your free listing on our marketplace and receive multiple competitive offers, AS IS, commission free.

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