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Selling A Rental Property

Best practices and considerations for selling a rental property

1. How much would it sell for as a primary residence vs. turnkey rental? Rental investors are not likely to pay what a primary residence buyer would pay.

2. Can you sell AS IS and not conduct expensive pre-sale repairs? How might that affect your net proceeds in a sale to either a rental investor or a primary residence buyer?

3. What are the carrying costs of your vacant property? Would it make more sense to have tenants in place on a month-to-month lease or would this make it too difficult to coordinate showings (especially with COVID related health and safety concerns)?

4. Do you need to sell now or can you continue to rent (i.e. short term lease) while addressing deferred maintenance?

This is a lot of food for thought and everyone has a different situation when selling a rental property. We would be happy to run the numbers for you to help you figure out the best strategy for selling your rental properties.

Sell with OfferMarket

The easiest and most cost-effective way to sell your rental property is with OfferMarket. Whether your rental property is vacant or tenant-occupied, we have handled it all and we look forward to facilitating your Here's how it works:

1. Get Offers

Take 30 seconds to fill out our Get Offers request. We'll send you our no obligation marketing contract and collect property details.

2. Review Offers

Compare multiple competitive AS IS, commission-free offers from qualified buyers in our network.

3. Close on your timeline

Select the best offer that aligns with your timeline. Whether you need to sell in under 30 days or you have time, our rental property sales platform is designed to meet your specific requirements. Let us handle the paperwork, titlework, and coordinate closing.

What our sellers are saying

"When I decided to sell my rental properties in Baltimore, as an out-of-state seller, I was looking for something quick and easy but I did not want to have any regrets about selling for too low a price. At first I tried working with an agent on the MLS, that turned out to take forever because we had to wait for lease expiration and multiple FHA loans fell through. Then a friend told me about OfferMarket. I only with I found them sooner! They ran a competitive campaign, brought in a mix of rental property investors and retail homebuyers, and delivered net proceeds beyond my expectations. I avoided over $100,000 in commissions. I never would have thought I'd be able to sell my rental properties so fast, as-is, with so little effort. If you're selling a rental property, use OfferMarket."

Jordan R., FL