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How does OfferMarket work?

How does OfferMarket work?

We are a real estate investor platform -- we offer loans, insurance and off market listings. We focus on 1 to 4 unit residential properties.

Fix & flip loans and DSCR loans

Ideal for BRRR investors, rental investors and flippers.

If you're buying or refinancing an investment property, we provide hard money fix and flip bridge loans and DSCR rental loans. No need for tax returns or W2 salaried income, our loans are based on the investment property's cash flow or profit, borrower experience and credit score.

We specialize in funding 1 to 4 unit residential investment properties properties across 43 states. Access industry-leading terms in under a minute and close on your timeline with our technology-powered lending platform.

Sell to real estate investors

Ideal for wholesalers, property owners, agents with distressed properties.

If you're selling a house in poor condition or a leased rental property, use our powerful and entirely free marketplace to compare multiple as is cash and hard money offers. Post your off market deals in under a minute, connect with verified buyers and receive qualified offers. Take advantage of marketing, messaging, proof of funds, identity verification, scheduling and offer comparison tools. There's no obligation, you can reject any offer for any reason.

Buy investment properties

Ideal for fix and flip investors, rental property investors, primary residence homebuyers, buyers agents.

If you're buying single family or multifamily real estate, subscribe for off market deal flow and receive alerts for deals in your target markets. Browse listings you can't find on the MLS (broker/agent network that feeds listings to Zillow, Redfin, etc.). Chat directly with the seller, schedule tours and submit offers. It's entirely free.

Managed real estate transactions

Close your transaction independently outside of our platform, or have us manage your closing to ensure a streamlined, fast, and cost effective close. We charge a low 1% fee to manage your closing.

Insights & Tools

Access our unique perspective on the residential real estate market and funding environment with regularly posted educational content on our real estate blogs and podcast. Use our tools to help evaluate your deals.

Wherever you are in your real estate journey, use OfferMarket to accomplish your goals.

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