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Table of contents
Table of contents

Who we think are the premier Montgomery county property management companies

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OfferMarket compiled this list of who we think are the best property management companies in Montgomery county Maryland. This list highlights property management companies that ether we or our clients have had experience working on interacting with. We compiled some statistics, reviews and contact information to speed up your property management companies Montgomery county search. While we have interacted with these companies we were not their long term client, so there is no substitute for doing our own thorough research. Remember, time spent research and interviewing these companies is an investment that will have a high payoff in terms of the quality of service you will receive from the lucky company you entrust the management of your rental property. We want you to become the best landlord you can possibly be!

Remember, this research process is paramount in zoning in on the best firm that will address all of your landlord needs and justify their monthly fees while keeping your tenants thriving and happy.

Flat Fee Landlord

Flat Fee Landlord logo
Description: Serving Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, and Texas we make property management simple by working for an affordable and efficient flat fee. Regardless of where in the metro area you are, we are your go-to property managers. We help landlords with single family residences, investors with an entire real estate portfolio, and families dealing with corporate or military relocations. Our flat-fee property management company handles all your landlord needs.


Phone: (855) 526-3573

Google Ratings: 4.3

Google Reviews: 87

Property Management Monthly Fee: Starting at $89/month

Leasing fee: 1 month's rent

Lease renewal fee: None

Noah's Properties

Noah's Properties logo
Description: Noahs’ Preferred Properties, established in 1980, is the top independent property management and leasing company in Montgomery County, MD. Noahs’ is a unique real estate company due to its sole focus to renting and managing properties. As a family-owned and managed firm, Dean, Jean, and Marc are involved with the day-to-day operations. This offers our property owners and renters consistency and stability, which are traits essential to a successful client/owner relationship. With over 100 years of combined real estate experience, the Noah family offers unequaled knowledge, expertise, service, and stability in this ever-changing real estate management industry. As one of the top Property Management Companies in Montgomery County, MD, we are here to help with all your property management and rental needs.


Phone: (301) 258-9100

Google Ratings: 3.4

Google Reviews: 76

Property Management Monthly Fee: Request to find out

Leasing fee: Request to find out

Lease renewal fee: Request to find out

Coakley Realty

Coakley Realty logo
Description: Larger real estate giants simply don’t know the area like Coakley Realty. With us, you’ll get a dedicated agent who is knowledgeable about the D.C. Metro area and is ready to help you find your new property. Rory Coakley, President of Coakley Realty, continues to preserve his family legacy through his personal and professional commitment to his community. Coakley Realty is proud to announce we have been in business since 1989. We’re incredibly proud of reaching this momentous milestone in our company’s history. All of our success is a testament to the values, hard work, and dedication we’ve put in for each of our clients, and we look forward to providing the same exceptional service for the next 30 years and onward. Purchasing, selling, leasing, or managing a property requires the service of an experienced and skilled real estate professional. At Coakley Realty, we’ve been helping people in the DC metro area facilitate the best deals on the right properties, while meeting their individual real estate needs. Our company has earned a spot on the Inc. 5000 in 2014-2016, and we’ll continue to work hard to provide excellent service to our customers.


Phone: (301) 340-8700

Google Ratings: 4.4

Google Reviews: 19

Property Management Monthly Fee: Request to find out

Leasing fee: Request to find out

Lease renewal fee: Request to find out

Silver Spring Property Management

Silver Spring Property Management logo
Description: Owning a residential rental property can be a lucrative investment, but it also carries with it its share of headaches and worries. Finding a skilled Montgomery County residential property manager can save you a lot of time and money. With our full service Montgomery County property management, you get much more than just one over-worked property manager. You get a full team of skilled professionals with the expertise to provide you with the highest level of service and the maximum return on your investment.


Phone: (240) 335-8411

Google Ratings: 5.0

Google Reviews: 4

Property Management Monthly Fee: Request to find out

Leasing fee: Request to find out

Lease renewal fee: Request to find out

Next Level Rentals

Next Level Rentals logo
Description: At Next Level Rentals, most of us are rental property owners ourselves, and because of that, we understand our clients' needs on a different level that other companies do. We have over 15 years of experience in the industry, and so far, we have successfully managed over 300 properties in Maryland. We hold to high standards, which is shown by our flawless BBB A+ rating. We are registered with the National Association of Residential Property Managers and other industry organizations and have won numerous awards and recognitions for our hard work and dedication. Here are the top 7 reasons to hire Next Level Rentals, LLC: Our service is priced for landlords to benefit and keep their rental properties. Never worry about overhead charges on any service or maintenance requests. Work with licensed agents only. Fees tied strictly tied to rents collected. No contract cancellation fees. No hidden fees. Peace of mind


Phone: (301) 339-8850

Google Ratings: 4.6

Google Reviews: 21

Property Management Monthly Fee: Request to find out

Leasing fee: Request to find out

Lease renewal fee: Request to find out

Important factors to consider

Evaluating a property manager can seem like a chore and in some sense it is. However, it's a very important step in selecting the right property manager to manage and oversee all faucets of your rental property. There are many important factors that muse be considered when approaching the selection and evaluation of a property manager. Monthly fees, renewal fees and any other fees are just part of a picture and focusing on just the financials will be a short sighted move. You need a holistic approach to interviewing and selecting a reliable and ethical property manager to make you a successful long term landlord. Make sure you consider many other factors apart from the fees they charge when you approach the evaluation process of your potential candidate for the role of property manager for your rental home or portfolio. Below we present a list of considerations that you should have in mind when you approach this topic.

This is a none exhaustive list of factors that you should keep in mind when you are researching a potential property manager for your portfolio:

  • Will they evict tenant Montgomery county?
  • Do they have good testimonials from other landlords Montgomery county?
  • Do they have decades of experience Montgomery county?
  • Do they have access to best contractors Montgomery county?
  • Is their staff available 24/7 and on call in Harford county
  • Will they quickly find tenants Montgomery county?
  • Will they post house listing Montgomery county?
  • Do their reviews mention how fast they have responded to their maintenance issues in the past
  • The size of their list of Montgomery county contractors that can repair their rentals
  • Size of their staff, higher number of staff results in faster response time and more backups
  • Office location, are they in Montgomery county or near by. Proximity is important for knowledge of local real estate
  • Experience they have operating a property management firm in Montgomery county. By itself, time in business, long or short doesn't matter, but should be taken into account given all other information that you gathered on the prospective company.
  • Has their brand always remained consistent over the years they operated? Sometimes departure of a key manager may impact the level of service they provide.
  • Consider Montgomery county property management rates, is this provider competitive or discounted compared to their cohort. What is the reason for that?
  • What are their rent collection practices? Have these practices migrated online or remained person to person? Do they charge your tenants extra for using electronic means?
  • Do they have any tenant reviews from Montgomery county rentals? Make sure the manager that oversees local market has a good reputation?
  • Finally, what does your gut tell you after speaking with them? Do you feel comfortable entrusting you investment property Montgomery county to this property management company Montgomery county after having an interview with them?

Interview questions to ask potential Montgomery county property management companies

We created a list of questions you should definitely go over when you are interviewing property managers in Harford county. Imagine alienating a long term tenant because property manager did a bad job servicing the house, these questions will help you avoid a potential scenario such as this one. Best property management companies Harford county will have easy time giving you concrete answers for below questions. Remember you are their client, they will manage and represent you to your tenant. Remember you are the client, they will manage and represent you to your tenant, this is a key to being a successful landlord, so no questions are off limits to help you figure which company is the right fit. If any of the responses rub you the wrong way, make sure to note that down and always go with your gut feeling. If something is wrong in this early stage, then its more than likely additional problem will follow, especially when you are not in the room and the firm engages with your tenant directly. Imagine loosing a long term tenant because property management firm didn't do a good job maintaining your property, this is a scenario these questions will help you avoid. Best property management companies Montgomery county should have easy time giving you solid answers for below questions.

  1. What is your monthly property management fee and is it a flat fee or a percentage of rent?

  2. Do you have a leasing fee?

  3. Do you have a renewal fee?

  4. How many staff are available 24/7 in case my tenant has an issue?

  5. How do you ensure that you work with best available Montgomery county contractors?

  6. What warranties do you provide, such as tenant durations warranties?

  7. What was the slowest you ever filled a vacancy and how did you do it?

  8. What types of maintenance issues do you not handle?

  9. What was the highest number of Montgomery county rentals that you have managed? What is your current number?

  10. What have I not asked you that I should know about? (this is a great open ended question that might reveal more about the company that you didn't anticipate)

  11. Why should I choose you over other best property management companies Montgomery county? (this is another great open ended question that might reveal more about the company that you didn't anticipate)

Is it possible for landlords to dispose of a property with tenants already there?

Landlords often believe that they have to vacate their property and stage it to get top dollar for their portfolio rental. OfferMarket exists to dispels this notion. Everyday tired landlords or busy landlords post their rental properties with tenants in place on our free and open real estate marketplace to see if another rental investor would give them an offer for their rental. Selling landlords love it, because on other markets they get a discount to market value since tenant in place is viewed as a negative thing, but not with OfferMarket. Here you will get a premium to market because not only does buying landlord get a property but also the cashflow coming from the tenant on day one that the ownership switches.

OfferMarket exists to help Maryland landlords buy and sell properties, commissions free, with ease and expediency. If you want to test the market and see if you get offers on your rental with tenants in place, create a free listing and see if other landlords would offer you an even higher price than the market since you already have tenants in place and they would have to do less work to make it cashflowing. OfferMarket specializes in augmentation of rental portfolios, ether through disposition of outlier properties or through acquisition of attractive rental with tenants already in place. On the other hand, if you are looking for cash flowing properties, checkout our map to see if there are any rental properties that might catch your eye, feel free to talk directly to the seller, schedule a tour or submit an offer, completely free and without any obligations.

Checkout our listings on our map or create a free listing to test the market