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Best Real Estate Books

Looking for the best real estate investing books? These are our go-to recommendations if you want to learn about real estate investing and sharpen your skills.

Landlording On Autopilot


A simple, no-brainer system for higher profits, less work, and more fun.

Author: Mike Butler


Learn how Mike Butler (VISTA Properties, Wealth Building 24-7) managed 75 rental properties in Louisville, Kentucky with a full time job before hiring his first employee. In this book, Mike Butler shares his system for rental property management. Spoiler alert, Mike's system is incredibly simple, thoughtful and can be implemented using your smartphone. It's no surprise Mike's portfolio is now over 500 properties. Mike leveraged some of the know-how he acquired as an undercover police detective to create his simple yet robust property management system, that allowed him to keep his full time job. He shares secrets of maximizing rental income from good properties and turning around properties that aren't as performant. He dives deep into his methodologies, going as far as revealing all the exact tools and technologies he employs to run his real estate empire. The system is agnostic to locality where it's used, so it can be implemented in rural or urban settings with the same results.


  • Rental property investment strategy
  • Landlord best practices
  • Rental property management
  • Tenant screening
  • Section Eight

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The Book On Rental Property Investing


How to build wealth and create passive income through smart buy and hold real estate investing strategies. The book also touches on a few topics in personal finance as it related to real estate investing.

Author: Brandon Turner


Brandon Turner, a millionaire real estate investor, created a true crash course in rental property investing. If you are looking for a place to start, this book is for you. Learn about building your team, valuing properties, rehabbing, BRRR and so much more. The book offers many practical lessons, and talks about why some real estate investors fail, what common mistakes everyone should avoid and how to ensure a sustainable business. Four unique strategies are shown which made Brandon a successful investor and that can be easily replicated even by someone who is just starting out. The book goes on to offer insight on how to source deals and discern which ones are worth your time. Brandon focuses on being a real estate investor and not a real estate manager, he talks at length about pitfalls of managing real estate and how you can avoid doing labor intensive tasks that suck up your time and instead focus on finding premium deals. Finally, to wrap things up, he presents ideas and methods of getting financing for your deals, in any market condition as well as ways to minimize your tax consequences.


  • Rental property investing
  • Investing in real estate
  • BRRR (buy, rehab, rent, refinance)
  • ARV (after repair value)
  • Financing
  • Rehabbing and renovations
  • Landlord best practices

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Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat

The BRRR rental property investment strategy made simple.


Author: David Greene


Learn how to build your rental property portfolio by buying undervalued fixer-uppers in cash, cost effectively renovating, renting and refinancing. With the BRRR method, you can pull out all of your invested capital and then some if you "keep the water in the bucket" through the BRRR process. The book also highlights the importance of free cash flow to protect your downside. The book provides a concrete plan for getting started, even with small capital investment. Systems for spotting ideal deals that should be acquired. Methods of negotiating with sellers to lock in ideal prices. Ways on how to recover most of the invested capital quickly in order to reinvest it in the next deal. Ways to increase property value and curb appeal to have better rental outcomes. David highlights importance of demographic research in his approach and how it helps him identify up and coming areas where rental markets might be heating up before competing investors swoop in and scoop all the deals. Finally, how to recruit talent to help you run your growing real estate portfolio and grown your wealth.


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Rich dad poor dad

The book highlights philosophical differences of people that work for employers versus employers themselves


Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki


Robert, an experienced investor, presents several anecdotes from his childhood to show the differences in mindset between his biological dad who always worked for someone and the dad of his best friends, who was an employer for other people. His 'rich' dad taught him the value of time, money and assets, setting Robert on a life long path to accumulate appreciating assets, such as rental investment properties. The book explains how Robert accumulated assets using his day job and invested in rentals to generate passive income and grow his own rental portfolio while adhering to the philosophy of living below his means so he can maximize his investment cashflow. One anecdote from the book, is that Robert waited extra few years so his business could purchase his first Porsche in a tax protected way instead of him buying it outright. One great take away from the book that everyone should remember, is that employer will never give you a raise you truly deserve, only you can give yourself that raise. That philosophy made him work just hard enough for someone else not get fired, instead of breaking his back to get a few percent raise every year. He used his extra time to build his own rental empire.


  • Rental property investing
  • Tax lien certificates
  • Mindset of employees vs employers
  • How to be a rental property investor
  • How to kick start your real estate business
  • Long term mindset

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