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Why Sell With OfferMarket

A smarter way to sell your house

Until now, real estate has been and extremely illiquid asset class, with incredibly high transaction costs.

At OfferMarket, we are changing that. We use modern technology and a streamlined workflow to eliminate unnecessary transaction costs and make buyers compete for your property.

It's not just about how much you sell your house for, it's about your net proceeds.

If you are like the majority of American homeowners, your house may be your most valuable asset. You should not have to pay a ridiculous percentage to sell your house. The costs of selling your house including commission, service fees and repairs is out of hand:

  • Selling with an agent: 7% - 10%
  • Selling to an iBuyer: 5% - 14%

You should not have to pay any fees to sell your house fast and competitively

We have identified the keys to selling your house fast, hassle-free and for higher net proceeds than traditional real estate transactions:

✅ make buyers aware
✅ make buyers compete
✅ eliminate unnecessary costs

Create your free listing or request an instant offer today!

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