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How can I sell my house quickly?

In order to sell your house quickly, it is important to understand and avoid the things that prevent you from selling your house quickly:

  • Delays listing your house: no awareness = no buyers and no sale
  • Contingencies and negotiations: buyers with inspection, financing and home sale contingencies can drag out a home sale and ultimately terminate your contract without penalty
  • Unqualified buyers and financing delays: cash is king, otherwise you're at the mercy of a lender and their underwriting process
  • Unreasonable target purchase price: homes that sit on the market for a pro-longed period of time are not priced properly, making it a non-starter for prospective buyers

Therefore, to sell your house quickly:

  • Sell your house in AS IS condition to get your house listed quickly: our AS IS home sale checklist offers low cost, high ROI ideas to increase the value of your house before selling
  • Qualify buyers: make sure the buyer is actually qualified to purchase your house quickly by requiring and carefully reviewing proof of funds and credit score
  • Favor cash offers with no contingencies and high earnest money deposit: the surest sign that a buyer will honor their contract and close quickly is that they have no "outs" and failing to perform would mean financial loss

There's often a tradeoff between selling your house quickly and selling for the highest possible amount. With OfferMarket, you can receive multiple competitive offers and sell your house quickly, AS IS, commission-free.

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