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Table of contents
Table of contents

Off Market Real Estate

Access to off market real estate is a critically important component of real estate investing. There's a lot to learn about off market real estate and you've come to the right place. Let's get started!

What is off market real estate?

Off market real estate is real estate that is not available for sale on the MLS. Real estate portals such as Zillow and Redfin access MLS data feeds, and display on-market for sale real estate listed by agents.

Real estate is considered off market if it is not for sale through a brokerage. Distressed properties and motivated sellers commonly sell to investors in off market transactions that the broader public is not privy to or aware of.

Off market real estate is arguably the most important source of inventory for fix and flip investors ("flippers") and rental property investors.

Off market real estate deals

Off market deals are important to real estate investors because of reduced competition -- retail buyers (people buying a primary residence) are typically not aware of these purchase opportunities, nor are they comfortable purchasing a home in poor condition.

Off market deals are usually for properties in poor condition, properties that have tenants in place, or properties where the owner is willing to sell for a discount in exchange for a fast close in AS IS condition.

What does off market mean in real estate?

Off market means the property is not on the MLS. This usually means less buyer competition and lower purchase price relative to market value. If you want to buy property below market value, you need access to off market deals.

How to find off market real estate

You can find off market real estate in several ways. Here are the most common in order of ease:

  1. Subscribe to OfferMarket deal flow
  2. Driving for dollars
  3. Network with bird dogs
  4. Network with wholesalers and join their buyer's list
  5. Facebook groups