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Multifamily Bridge Loans

What is a Multifamily Bridge Loan?

Multifamily bridge loans are short term (12 - 24 month), interest only loans for the purchase and renovation of 5+ unit residential properties. OfferMarket is a private lender for experienced real estate investors.

Why do investors use bridge loans?

The bridge loan, whether for single family (1-4 unit) or multifamily (5+ unit) residential properties, is a powerful financing program that allows real estate investors to purchase properties with minimum down payment, and access a line of credit to renovate the property.

Bridge loans are interest only, meaning there is no principal repayment (amortization) on a monthly basis. Since the investor is only making interest payment and not making principal payments as they would with a mortgage, the investor can conserve cash while the property may be fully or partially vacant and focus on preparing the property for sale or refinance into a longer term loan.

Multifamily Bridge Loan Interest Rates

Our bridge loan index tracks the prevailing interest rate for bridge loans. See how OfferMarket's bridge loan interest rate and terms compare:

Multifamily Bridge Loan Guidelines

Guidelines: Multifamily Bridge Loan
Interest Rates see index above
Origination Fees 1 to 2 points (% of loan amount)
Property Types 5+ unit and mixed use
Loan Amounts $500,000 - $25,000,000
Maximum LTV, ARV 75%
Maximum Loan To Cost Purchase: 80% of As-Is Value and 100% of rehab, Refinance: 75% of As-Is Value and 100% of rehab
Term Length up to 24 months -- +0.5% for months 13 - 18, +0.75% for months 19 - 24
Minimum Guarantor FICO 650
Ownership LLC or Corporation
Recourse Full recourse, Limited recourse

What is the process for getting a multifamily bridge loan?

Timeline: 15 - 30 days

  1. Get a quote (takes 1 minute)
  2. Complete processing action items in your My Loans portal
    ✅ Credit & Background Check
    ✅ Personal Financial Statement
    ✅ Schedule Of Real Estate Owned (track record of experience)
    📄 Download your pre-approval letter
    📄 Download your loan terms
    ✅ Upload entity docs
    ✅ Authorize title order
    ✅ Authorize appraisal order
  3. Schedule closing