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Table of contents

Collateral Desktop Analysis

Last updated: April 4, 2024

What is a Collateral Desktop Analysis?

Collateral Desktop Analysis or CDA® is an investment property appraisal review conducted by an appraiser contracted by ClearCapital. ClearCapital (, Inc.) is a 3rd party appraisal review company.

The purpose of the Collateral Desktop Analysis is to serve as a due diligence tool for private lenders, specifically the underwriter and loan committee to decide whether or not to fund a loan. The Collateral Desktop Analysis is essentially a 3rd party re-evaluation of the appraisal. This removes uncertainty and mitigates potential bias, weak internal controls and conflicts of interest that may otherwise allow a loan to be funded that objectively should be rejected.

CDA is helpful to:

  • assess the rigor and thoroughness with which the original appraisal was conducted
  • identify red flags and determine whether a given appraisal deserves a more careful review
  • supplement additional comps beyond those provided in the appraisal
  • augment internal controls of lenders

Why do I need a Collateral Desktop Analysis (CDA®)?

A Collateral Desktop Analysis is often required by a private lender, specifically for DSCR Loans. The CDA is an extra level of underwriting due diligence that identifies situations where there is a variance between the appraiser's appraised value (original appraisal report) and the CDA appraiser's review.

Many lenders, including OfferMarket Capital require the CDA valuation to be within 10% of the original appraisal report. If there is more than a 10% difference, then we require another appraisal review to be ordered with Pro Teck Valuation Services (see below). If that review is also above 10% variance, then the borrower would need to have another appraisal performed if they want to proceed with their loan.

If you are a borrower, you should see a reference to the lender's CDA/ARR requirement in their term sheet.

What does CDA stand for?

CDA stands for Collateral Desktop Analysis.

Collateral Desktop Analysis Fee

The fee for a Collateral Desktop Analysis (CDA) is $75 for 2 business day turnaround and $90 for 1 business day turnaround. These rates are for a single family property.

What is ClearCapital?

ClearCapital is an appraisal review company offering a Collateral Desktop Analysis (CDA®) that is USPAP compliant.

Pro Teck ARR vs. ClearCapital CDA

Pro Teck Valuation Services is an appraisal review company. Many private lenders require either an Appraisal Risk Review (ARR) from Pro Teck or a Collateral Desktop Analysis (CDA) from ClearCapital.

Both firms are highly respected and OfferMarket Capital uses both providers to meet our our appraisal review guidelines for DSCR Loans. Both reports are thorough and the main difference is that an ARR costs $165 and a CDA costs $75.