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Table of contents
Table of contents

Can real estate agents post free for sale listings on OfferMarket?

Agents post for sale listings on OfferMarket for free! πŸš€

Are you looking for websites to post your real estate listings for free? OfferMarket is a powerful, free, marketing platform used by a growing number of real estate agents and Realtors.

Whether you have an off-market pocket listing or an on-market MLS listing, you should be posting your listings for free on OfferMarket.

OfferMarket for Real Estate Agents

What is OfferMarket?

OfferMarket is a real estate marketplace where agents post for free. We are a real estate technology company headquartered in Baltimore, MD with targeted distribution to qualified real estate homebuyers and investors (fix and flip, rental property) throughout the United States.

How does OfferMarket work for agents?

  1. Create your free listing
  2. Receive tour requests from verified buyers
  3. Receive offers from verified buyers

Why do real estate agents post free listings on OfferMarket?

The best real estate agents are the best marketers. Top performing real estate agents are constantly looking for ways to get their listings in front of qualified buyers. They're constantly building up their network of qualified buyer leads.

Here are the main reasons why real estate agents create free listings on our real estate marketplace:

  1. Generate buyer awareness (reach more buyers)
  2. Connect with qualified buyers (build your buyers list, avoid buyer's agents)
  3. Market off-market deals (pocket listings) off the MLS

Is OfferMarket really free to create listings and collect buyer leads?

One of the most common phrases we hear from agents is "this sounds too good to be true, what's the catch?". There is no catch. You can create an unlimited number of listings and collect buyer leads entirely for free. Now what are you waiting for? Start listing!