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Pine Trail, Etoile, TX 75944, EE. UU.


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This is your chance! Invest now in Nacogdoches County! 

Located at Pine View Dr, Etoile, TX 75944, Nacogdoches County.

Google Maps Coordinates: 31°23'00.1"N 94°27'19.2"W


Etoile is a little, big town nestled in the piney woods of East Texas. It has most attractions of a larger city while being surrounded by nature.

Nacogdoches is a great county with charm and a heart that makes you want to come back. It may not feel like there's a whole lot of nightlife, but you just have to look around! The pine trees are beautiful here and are what makes Nacogdoches so special! There's such a feeling of close community and home.

Property Details:

Status: Available.

Sale Price: $10,000

State: Texas. 

County: Nacogdoches.

Size: Front: 128.75 x 185.20 Depth: 199.13 x 97.42 

Utilities: No utilities set.

You can contact us 1-800-865-2173 or send us a PM.