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Mesquite Dr, Laguna Vista, TX 78578, EE. UU.


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Located at Mesquite Dr Laguna Vista, TX 78578

Google Maps Coordinates: 26Ā°08'20.7"N 97Ā°17'53.7"W


Laguna Vista is a perfect little town to have a home in. With few businesses in the town, a large park, and a very good family-oriented activities planned throughout the year, this town is good for family living. While the town is slightly secluded from industry, it pays off for the beauty you get to live near, with a 10-minute drive to the Laguna Atascosa. The commute is not bad either, with the main farm to market road that runs through it, you can head straight to hwy 100, which is a straight run to South Padre Island and all the towns in between.

Property Details:

Status: Available.

Sale Price: $12,000

State: Texas. 

City: Laguna Vista.

County: Cameron

Size: Acres: 0.1653 Sqft:7200.00 60.00 x 120.00

Utilities: No utilities set.

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