Evergreen Ln, South Carolina 29835, USA


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Prepare to captivate future homeowners seeking the allure of lakeside living. This property is conveniently situated within walking steps of a lake access, affording potential residents the privilege of indulging in water-based activities and embracing panoramic views. This generously sized 12,196.00 squared feet canvas opens the door to realizing a dream retreat, an investment-worthy rental property, or an idyllic family sanctuary. Β An added advantage of this property is its inclusive access to all underground utilities, simplifying the process of transforming your dream home into a reality. Bid farewell to the complexities of securing permits for septic tanks or well excavation – all essentials are ready and waiting. Embrace the encompassing beauty of nature. Enveloped by lush surroundings and within reach of a serene lake, this parcel embodies tranquility at its finest, offering an escape from the bustle of urban life. Positioned strategically for community expansion, this parcel not only promises short-term gains but also holds the potential for long-term appreciation. Acquire it below market value and watch your investment flourish. Savannah Lakes Village stands as a dynamic community tailored for active adults. Your purchase automatically bestows a membership to the country club upon you. The parcel's prime placement ensures effortless access to nearby amenities and utilities, streamlining the development journey. Your vision can seamlessly come to fruition with minimal impediments. Attract those yearning for a lifestyle infused with nature and adventure. From boating to fishing to lakeside picnics, this parcel caters to individuals seeking a life enriched by experiences. Don't allow this golden opportunity to slip away. Reach out to us today at 562-304-8970 for an in-depth exploration of this remarkable investment. Allow us to guide you in seizing the unparalleled value of this prime parcel. Your vision is our foremost concern – together, let's transform it into reality! Invest in Innovation!

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