Duncan St, Bay City, TX 77414, EE. UU.


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Time to Invest on Bay City, Texas!

Located on Duncan St, Bay City, TX 77414

Google Maps Coordinates: 28Ā°58'18.6"N 95Ā°58'39.1"W


Link: https://goo.gl/maps/yvswpkmHU5RDv3bR6

When you drive into this small town, south of Houston TX, it will automatically feel like home, our population is so small, yet so welcoming. We are growing faster each day with so many things to do, we are a great summer vacation site with our beautiful beach right along the gulf coast, if you are about family this is your town!

Property Details:

Status: Available.

Sale Price: $8,500

State: Texas. 

County: Matagorda

Size: Acres: 0.2300 Sqft: 10018.80 50 x 200

Utilities: No utilities set at the time, but they are next to the property and can be connected.

You can contact us 1-800-865-2173 or send us a PM.


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