6916 S Anthony Ave #1, Chicago, IL 60637


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6916 S Anthony Ave #1, Chicago, IL 60637 Purchase Price: $90,000 Lien: $19,000 ARV~ $260,000 REHAB: $75,000 -This is an assignment of contract -Closing costs paid by the buyer -Property is sold as-is and has no contingencies Property Details Layout and square feet: 4 Bed / 2 Bath 1,956 SqFt 6,250 SFT LOT On .1435 Acre Current rent : The current rent in the 60637 is between 2200-2500 For 4 bedroom 2 bathroom houses Post-Flip Comps could find comps within the same criteria as the home I have less than a mile away & within the same decade, Here is what I do have. https://www.redfin.com/IL/Chicago/7527-S-Calumet-Ave-60619/home/13918810?fbclid=IwAR3106Qs5yOoniar_qQDsAuNGs0QNlxxY--3CL3BJ3dKhzokunenIhcP_qk https://www.redfin.com/IL/Chicago/7420-S-Michigan-Ave-60619/home/13920252?fbclid=IwAR0rYw4smlT1NvfYAIugBj3SF6bX121i8tRPqjPII3YuZo_M9Jf-Utm5M_Q https://www.redfin.com/IL/Chicago/7217-S-Woodlawn-Ave-60619/home/12565282?fbclid=IwAR19UqCrb4ROiEeKzcVjxjs_803VCnmFJZRsh9uGYmye7e-yXjOt9-RMujQ Condition: The basement is unfinished. Most of the top floors are also incomplete. Repairs~ $75,000 If you have any questions on viewing the property: contact me Abdulraham Alobaidi by phone or email at alobaidiabdul11@gmail.com or (224)-460-0629

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