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VERY NICE BUILDING. OVER 1900 sqft! CLEAN WITH SOLID BLOCK FOUNDATION. B2 zoning (Thoroughfare Mixed-Use District). BRING YOUR DREAMS AND MAKE THEM COME TRUE. USE THIS LARGE OPEN SPACE TO HAVE TWO BUSINESSES IN ONE LOCATION OR HAVE ONE BUSINESS WITH A HUGE OPEN FLOOR PLAN. HAS 2 ENTRY DOORS IN FRONT AND 2 IN THE BACK. HAS NEW ROOF, ELECTRICAL, PLUMBING. THE LOT SIZE IS 33' OF FRONTAGE X 103' DEEP(ENDS AT THE ALLEY. BUYER TO ASSUME PRE-SALE INSPECTION, MUNICIPAL REPAIRS AND BRING PROPERTY TO CODE. TAXES TO BE PAID BY SELLER AT CLOSE. BUYER TO PAY ALL TITLE FEES .SELLER WILL PAY WATER BILL UP TO THE CLOSING DATE. PROPERTY AS IS. WATER THAT YOU SEE ON THE FLOOR IS FROM VENTS NOT HAVING PROPER FITTINGS, SOME DRYWALL WILL NEED TO BE REMOVED. Land contract terms available at $43,000 purchase price, $20,000 down, $500/month for 2 years, 10% interest. Balloon payment due at the end of the term. ZONING INFO BELOW-PLEASE CONFRIM ANY QUESTIONS WITH THE CITY PRIOR TO AN OFFER § 155.046 B-2 THOROUGHFARE MIXED-USE DISTRICT. (A) Intent. The Thoroughfare Mixed-Use District intends to provide for a mixed-use environment of business and higher density residential land uses. The district further intends to permit business establishments that balance both the convenience and comparison shopping needs of neighboring residents. These uses are more intensive than those permitted in the B-1 Local Business District, but not large scale vehicle dominated establishments as found in the B-3 General Business District. Because of the variety of business types and residential dwellings permitted, critical attention must be focused on site layout, building design, vehicular circulation, and coordination of site features between adjoining sites. Development should be: (1) Designed as part of a planned shopping center or in coordination with development on adjoining commercial sites. (2) Larger than in B-1 Districts. (3) Located away from sensitive residential areas. (4) Contributing to the development of a unified district in scale and character. (5) Served by and connected to a major thoroughfare. (B) Principal uses permitted. The following regulations shall apply in all B-2 Districts and no building, structure or premises, except as otherwise provided in this chapter, shall be erected, altered or used except for one or more of the following specified uses: (1) Any retail business or service establishment permitted in B-1 Districts as principally permitted. (2) All retail business, service establishments or processing uses as follows: (a) Any retail business whose principal activity is the sale of merchandise in an enclosed building. (b) Any service establishment of an office, showroom or workshop nature of an electrician, decorator, dressmaker, tailor, baker, painter, upholsterer, or an establishment doing radio or home appliance repair, photographic reproduction and similar service establishments that require a retail adjunct. (3) Private clubs, fraternal organizations and lodge halls, subject to the requirements of § 155.218. (4) Standard restaurants. (5) Business establishments that perform services on the premises, such as but not limited to banks, loan companies, insurance offices, and real estate offices. (6) Professional services, including the following: medical clinics (outpatient only), and offices of doctors, dentists, osteopaths, and similar or allied professions. (7) Post office and similar governmental office buildings, serving persons living in the adjacent residential area. (8) Office buildings for any of the following occupations: executive, administrative and professional, writing, clerical, stenographic, drafting and sales, subject to the limitations contained below in division (C) of this section. (9) Medical and dental offices, including clinics and laboratories, but excluding substance abuse centers. (10) Publicly owned buildings, exchanges and public utility offices, but not including storage yards, transformer stations, substations or gas regulator stations, subject to the limitations contained below in division (D) of this section. (11) Veterinary hospitals and clinics. (12) Dance schools, music and voice schools, and art studios. (13) Art shops, photographic studios design studios and other similar uses. (14) Office equipment and sales. (15) Reproduction services where the primary use is serving walk-in customers with small volume copying or word processing services, not including blueprinting and similar industrial type operations. (16) Personal service establishments, including barber shops, beauty shops, health salons and similar uses. (17) Town homes (three stories or less). (18) Multiple-family dwellings (three stories or less). (19) Other uses similar to the above uses. (20) Accessory structures and uses customarily incident to the above permitted uses provided that they shall be designed and located as permitted in §§ 155.071 through 155.082, General Development Standards. (21) Mortuaries. (22) Automobile parking space to be provided as required in §§ 155.071 through 155.082. (23) Temporary pop-up commercial use. (24) Passenger bus stations. (25) Mobile food vending unit. (26) Mobile food court/park. (C) Required conditions. (1) All business establishments shall be retail or service establishments dealing directly with consumers. All goods provided on the premises shall be sold at retail on the premises where produced. (2) All business, servicing or processing, except for off-street parking, loading and those open air uses indicated as being subject to special land use in division (D) below, shall be conducted within completely enclosed buildings. (3) Site plans shall be planned so as to recognize the front, rear, and side relationship of adjacent development. The Planning Commission and Council may recommend physical features to be provided which will insure harmony in these yard relationships. (4) A restroom shall be provided for public use for all retail establishments in excess of 12,000 square feet of gross floor area. (D) Special land use. The following uses shall be permitted, subject to the conditions set forth in this subchapter, §§ 155.111 through 155.142, Special Land Use Standards and all applicable codes and ordinances set forth in this chapter and other codes and regulations hereinafter imposed for each use. The following uses are subject further to the review and approval of the Planning Commission per standards set forth in this chapter: (1) Open air business uses when developed in planned relationship with permitted uses within the B-2 District. (2) Bowling alley, billiard hall, indoor archery range, or indoor skating rink, or similar forms of indoor commercial recreation when located at least 100 feet from any front, rear or side yard of any residential lot in an adjacent residential district. Firearm ranges are expressly prohibited. (3) Public utility buildings, telephone exchange buildings, electric transformer stations and substations, gas regulator stations with service yards but without storage yards, water and sewage pumping stations. (4) Automobile service centers, when developed as part of a larger planned shopping center designed so as to integrate the automobile service center within the site plan and architecture of the total shopping center; and provided further that a building permit shall not be issued separately for the construction of any automobile service center within the B-2 District. (5) Nursing and convalescent homes. (6) Senior housing, assisted living and similar types of housing for the elderly not to exceed a height of three stories. (7) Carry-out, fast food, drive-thru or drive-in restaurants. (8) Mixed-use business and residential buildings. (9) Business schools and colleges, or vocational training centers, such as trade schools. (10) Nursery schools, day nurseries and child care centers. (11) Theaters, assembly halls, concert halls or similar places of assembly when conducted within enclosed buildings, subject to the requirements of § 155.218. (12) Private schools operated for profit. (13) Amateur radio antenna, subject to regulations of §§ 155.211 through 155.217, Wireless Communication Towers and Antennas. (14) Utility and public service buildings without storage yards. (15) Public, parochial and other private elementary, intermediate schools and/or high schools offering courses in general education, not operated for profit. (16) Tattoo parlors. (17) Charitable gaming room subject to the regulations of § 155.145. (18) Medical marijuana provisioning centers subject to the regulations of § 155.148. (19) Second hand stores. (20) Religious institutions. (21) Bar or lounge. (E) Area and bulk requirements. Requirements limiting the height and bulk of buildings, the minimum size of lot permitted by land use, maximum density permitted, and minimum yard setbacks are set forth in § 155.061. (Ord. 792, passed 12-3-01; Am. Ord. 830, passed 12-21-09; Am. Ord. 836, passed 2-21-11; Am. Ord. 838, passed 8-15-11; Am. Ord. 855, passed 9-21-15; Am. Ord. passed 2-20-17 ; Am. Ord. 872, passed 11-15-18)

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