3346 W Gulf Dr, Sanibel, FL 33957, USA


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Wow! A Fabulous Piece of Undervalued Land Near the Water is Available! Huge profit potential! Property currently has a house on it that was damaged by the hurricane. A great opportunity to buy a lot on Sanibel and build a beautiful new home! Update---House is going to be demolished. PROPERTY TYPE: LAND DEAL Lot Size: 0.28 acre COMPARABLES 0.41 acre lot on Sawgrass Pl sold June 29, 2022 for $949,000 3938 W Gulf Dr sold June 6, 2022 for $853,750 Potential New Build Exit Strategy Buy: Land- 620k Build 3000 sqft Luxury Home for approx. ~ $1.2 mil Total investment under $2 mil Sell for Approx. ~ $2.5 to $3 million Potential PROFIT- $500k to $1,000,000+ NOTE: YOU ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED FROM CONTACTING ANY SELLER OR OTHERWISE USING ANY INFORMATION PROVIDED TO YOU UNLESS YOU HAVE THE EXPRESS WRITTEN CONSENT OF HOMEFRONT OFFERS. Any property information received by you is proprietary information belonging to Guillaro Worldwide Enterprises LLC and its affiliates ("HFO/OF/Maarouf LLC") All properties are currently under contract to HFO, Any transactions consummated by you will be pursuant to an assignment of HFO Contract. Any unauthorized contact will be considered intentional interference with a Contract and may result in legal action being taken against you. Buyers are asked to perform their Due Diligence. Homefront Offers provides only the estimated repair cost and property value.  -Deal not final until EMD is received. -Buyers do their own due diligence.

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