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2501 Olmitos Ave, San Juan, TX 78589, EE. UU.


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San Juan has a place for your house! Take a look!

Located at 2501 Olmitos Ave, San Juan, TX 78589

Google Maps Coordinates: 26°13'11.7"N 98°09'22.9"W


San Juan is a very religious town with a great ethnic background of Hispanics. It is calm, everything is close by (Grocery stores, mall, hospitals, restaurants/fast food). It is a very friendly place. People are every kind. Immigrants get the opportunity to make themselves better, and supply a good future to their children. People are provided with an amazing education program, that allows kids to graduate with an associate with no charge. 

Property Details:

Status: Available.

Sale Price: $50,000

State: Texas. 

County: Hidalgo

Size:Acres: 0.1722452 Sqft: 7503.00 61x123

Utilities: No utilities set at the time, but they are next to the property and can be connected.

You can contact us at 1-800-865-2173 or send us a PM