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205 Godwin St, Lake City, SC 29560, USA


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Photos of the property

💥LAKE CITY GEM: BUILD YOUR DREAM ON 10,650 Sq. Ft.!💥 🔥 This cleared and leveled lot at 205 Godwin St., Lake City, SC 29560, USA offers the perfect blank slate for your dream home, investment property, or even a small business venture!! ✔️ No need for expensive prep work - public utilities are all connected and the land is prepped for building! ✔️ Easy access to essential shopping, dining, education, and recreational facilities. ✔️ Close proximity to scenic natural areas like Sandhill State Park for outdoor enthusiasts ✔️ Rich history and cultural heritage in the city of Lake City. ✔️ Friendly and welcoming community atmosphere. DM us for insights and to explore the property.