1521 W St Francis Ave, Alton, TX 78573, EE. UU.

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Excellent property available in Alton, Texas! Below retail value!!

Located at 1521 W St Francis Ave, Alton, TX 78573

Google Maps Coordinates: 26°16'30.9"N 98°19'58.1"W

Link: https://goo.gl/maps/ZDjMU7VTobdN5LLq8

Alton is a small town in deep down south Texas. There are a lot of fields in this area. People have known each other since they were in school. It is a good place for people that want to live far away from the noise of the city, and want to make a farm. Or for retired people that want to be alone and enjoy themselves. There is a lot of nature surrounding this town, and new stores, groceries and restaurants are being opened every year.

Property Details:

Status: Available.

Sale Price: $70,000

State: Texas. 

County: Hidalgo

Size:Acres: 0.49676309 Sqft: 21639.00 100.00 x 216.39

Utilities: No utilities set at the time, but they are next to the property and can be connected.

You can contact us at 1-800-865-2173 or send us a PM