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14515 Northfield Ave, East Cleveland, OH 44112, USA


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ARV 125k Living Area: 1056 sqft Lot Size: 2975 sqft Bed(s): 3 | Bath(s):1 The Good: Exterior siding, windows, roof are probably what is in the best condition. The Bad and the Ugly: Mold in the basement. Foundation needs to be checked. Foul odor of smell in the basement. Old mechanicals. Electric needs to be inspected. Most rooms in the house do not having working electricity. No access to attic, the door is nailed shut to prevent anyone from going up there. Tenant mentioned the floor is falling through. No signs on 2nd level ceilings. Interior of the property is mostly cosmetic. Comps (All Flip Comps of Rehabbed Properties Sold Retail): -- 923 Nela View Rd Cleveland 44112 Sold 114.9k value is $125k -- 16927 Hillsboro Rd Cleveland 44112 Sold $79k -- 1138 E 114th St Cleveland 44108 #156k Link to More Pictures & Inspection Report!