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Table of contents
Table of contents

Why Buy Off-Market Real Estate?

Buying real estate off-market should not be reserved for a select few experienced investors. Whether you are buying your first home or your 1,000th rental property, we are here to help you discover, buy and successfully achieve your investment goals.

We are on a mission to change how real estate is purchased. When considering buying off-market wholesale properties, you probably have some concerns. Sure, the price may be be lower, but will this deal come with headaches?

OfferMarket is bringing a new standard to off-market real estate. We eliminate unnecessary commissions and fees and pass on the savings to sellers and buyers. The goal for every single transaction processed on our platform is to be a win-win for you and the seller.

We work with all kinds of real estate buyers:

  • Rental property investors
  • Fix and flip investors
  • Institutional investors
  • First-time investors
  • First-time home buyers

Types of real estate available on the OfferMarket platform:

  • Single-family residential
  • Multi-family residential
  • Mixed residential and commercial

We eliminate the fees that the seller has to pay and pass on the savings to you.

Comparison OfferMarket Traditional Brokerage
Commission 0% 5 - 6%
Concessions 0% 0 - 2%
Repairs $0 (AS IS) 0 - 2%
Showings 1 10
Closing Timeframe 30 - 45 days 60 days
Closing Costs 0 - 2% 1 - 3%