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Table of contents

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Table of contents
Table of contents

Wholesalers: Why Are You JVing?

Grow Your Wholesale Real Estate Business Without Joint Ventures

Why would you enter into a Joint Venture Agreement? Lock yourself into a contract. Give up half of your assignment fee. Still risk not assigning the deal...

Post your deals on OfferMarket (entirely free):

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Don't Squad Up, Level Up

Everyone who can't get their own wholesale deals under contract talks about squadding up.

They say "I have buyers buyers...let's squad up!"

We all know they don't, just say "no thank you". OfferMarket has the buyers. Thousands of proof of funds verified buyers, growing every day:

  • local rental property investors
  • local fix & flip investors
  • private equity funds
  • hedge funds
  • family offices

They all subscribe to OfferMarket deal flow.

A Buyers List On Steroids

Get your deals into our deal distribution engine. Post your deals on OfferMarket and stop JVing.