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What Are the Benefits of Investing in Southern Exposed Land

If you are thinking of buying land and building a home on it, you want to think about what direction the home is facing. There are pros and cons to having the entrance face south as opposed to other directions. Read on to learn more.

It’s All About the Location

Houses that get southern exposure get more sunlight on it over the course of the day. That can help a lot when you are in a state that gets a lot of snow. By having the sunlight on it, that snow has a much better chance of melting rather than one that is facing north and has a lot more shade.


If you love the sunlight, then this is the direction that you want the house to be facing. That also includes a garden, since the things that you plant there will benefit from this and will likely grow. The natural light will brighten your house for much of the day, so that reduces the need for electric lights until night time.

Your energy bills will likely be lower during the winter, since the light that you get will keep your place warm. That can save you from extensive heating costs and you home will also be nice and cozy. Your driveway will be warmer and melt the snow much more quickly.

If you wind up selling your place, potential buyers may want to pay more for it due to the southern-facing entrance and garden. That way, you can get a lot more from your investment.


On the other hand, your bills will likely balance out in the summer when you have to cool the house down during those really hot days. A north facing house might be better if you are in a state that does not have seasons. You could offset that by getting sunscreens to put on the windows to mitigate the heat.

As mentioned before, the property may also be more expensive, so you might have to shell out some money initially. If you really want to get it, then you should follow your gut, though, since the pros mostly outweigh the cons.

Do your research beforehand and be sure to talk with knowledgeable people. Then you can make the most informed decision and get your southern exposed land with confidence. Then you can enjoy your new property.