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What is Syndicate in real estate?

What is a real estate syndicate?

A real estate syndicate is a group of investors who pool their capital (cash) together to purchase one or more investment properties.

Why to people invest in real estate syndicates?

  • Diversification: real estate syndicates allow individual investors the ability to invest relatively small sums of money compared to the capital required to purchase a specific asset. Instead of investing $100,000 in one rental property, you can invest in 10 separate syndicate deals.
  • Convenience: syndicate investors are passive investors, this means they are not responsible for coordinating the investment(s) made by the syndicate or managing the asset(s) owned by the syndicate. For example, investors that want exposure to single family rental properties but do not want to be responsible for structuring the deal (i.e. deal sourcing, financing) of managing the property will find syndicates to be an attractive investment vehicle.
  • Relative returns: well-managed syndicates provide attractive returns to investors relative to other passive investments such as REITs, stocks and bonds. Syndicate funds may safely return over 10% in annual cash distributions, a significantly higher dividend than most other passive income assets.
  • Deal selection: syndicates are raised with the explicit approval of the syndicate investors. Investors have a say in that they have the ability to review a prospective real estate investment and decide whether or not to participate in the deal. This compares to REITs where unitholders are at the mercy of investment decisions made by the REIT's management.

How do I invest in real estate syndicates?

If you are looking to invest in real estate syndicates, you have come to the right place! OfferMarket Syndicates gives select investors the opportunity to participate in our proprietary deal flow for single family and multi-family rental properties.