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Reddit Real Estate

These are the best real estate subreddits that you should know about:


Unique among Reddit real estate communities, this subreddit is entirely focused on posting listings. If you are an agent, wholesaler, or selling For Sale By Ownerlooking, this is a great subreddit to post your deals.

If you are an investor or homebuyer, this is where you can access a a fast-growing real estate deal flow across asset classes (single family, multi-family, land, commercial, notes, tax lien certificated.


Ideal for anyone interested in discovering new and useful websites, apps and services to assist with all areas of real estate buying and selling. If you’re an entrepreneur building a “proptech” product, this would be a great Reddit real estate community to receive feedback and connect with early adopters.


This real estate subreddit is focused on sharing thoughts, experiences, advice and encouraging questions across all real estate asset classes. Unfortunately, no deals are allowed to be posted here.


By our count, this is currently the largest real estate subreddit. The focus here is primarily residential home buying and home selling experiences. There are a lot of insights to learn from this group.

What are your thoughts, do you recommend other Reddit real estate subreddits?

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