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Private Credit

What is private credit?

Private credit is a category of financial services where non-bank lenders provide loans to businesses. Instead of getting a loan from a bank, businesses can get a loan from a private credit firm that specializes in a specific type of lending suited to that business' needs.

Private credit has emerged into a fast growing, trillion dollar industry for the following reasons:

  • Private credit firms have a low cost of capital, especially those that are funded by insurance companies, and are able to offer competitive terms.

  • Private credit firms are not subject to banking regulation and can therefore move faster and more creatively in extending credit to borrowers.

  • Banking sector instability, particularly in a rising interest rate environment where there is risk of depositor flight, has reduced the appetite of banks to extend credit, making private credit firms more reliable and the go-to lender of choice for businesses seeking credit.

How to invest in private credit?

There are a multiple ways to invest in private credit:

  • Become a limited partner in a private credit firm: this requires identifying private credit firms with a lending focus or strategy in which you are comfortable. Many private credit firms will have a

What is private credit investing?

What is a private credit fund?

How do private credit funds work?

Is private credit the same as private equity?

Do private loans affect your credit?