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Deal Or No Deal? Crowd Sourcing Rental Property Investing Decisions

The question: Deal or no deal?

We provided the following information:

  • Purchase price: $50,000
  • Current rent: $650
  • Market rent (as is): $750
  • Tenants: current, in property for 4+ years
  • Location: 602 Archbald St L83, Scranton, PA 18504
  • Condition (1 - 5): 3.5

How would you vote?

Take a moment to decide... deal or no deal?

The results

  • Yes: 150 votes (83.33%)
  • No: 10 votes (5.55%)
  • Not enough details: 20 votes (11.11%)

Additional insights

Several of the investors we polled offered helpful insights and considerations that every rental property investor should be including in their due diligence. ​

  • Does it need repairs?
  • Have the tenants been paying?
  • Are current tenants willing to pay market rent?
  • What are the property taxes?
  • Do you plan to own several SFR in the same area?
  • Will you be using a property manager or self manage?
  • Is the population in Scranton growing or declining?

Answers to these questions and more are included in the full deal overview.

Update: An offer of $46,000 has been accepted and the Seller and Buyer are expected to close in January 2021. Browse active listings for turnkey rental properties by clicking 'Listings' above.

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