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9 Best Real Estate Blogs

We are real estate investors focused on residential real estate investing and home sales. Real estate topics we care most about include For Sale By Owner, BRRR, rental property investing, turnkey rental properties, and house hacking. These are the best real estate blogs, in our opinion. We hope you'll find these resources as actionable and insightful as we do.

1. BiggerPockets

BiggerPockets is an incredible community of real estate investors of all skill levels. Whether you're just getting into real estate investing, or a seasoned expert, the content on the BiggerPockets Blog is sure to make you a better, wiser investor.

2. REtipster

REtipster is a go-to blog for real estate investors. The content is rich and presented in an engaging manner.

3. HousingWire

We like HousingWire because they offer a data-driven perspective on the United States housing market. If you're looking to stay apprised of major trends and development, we recommend checking HousingWire periodically.

4. The Real Deal

The Real Deal is a real estate news site initially focused on New York real estate, now offering national coverage. If you're interested in the financial, private equity side of real estate, The Real Deal is your place to follow where the money is going across residential and commercial real estate.

5. Eye On Housing

Eye On Housing is a blog by the National Association of Home Builders. It serves as a fantastic resource for new housing data and insights.

6. Home Stratosphere

Home Stratosphere is an award winning home and garden blog. The team at Home Stratosphere does a wonderful job curating content that's both educational and highly enjoyable.

7. Ownerly

Ownerly provide home value estimates and their blog, "Learn", offers a wealth of helpful guides for selling your house.

8. Real Estate Info Guide

You'll enjoy Geoff's thought provoking insights and content across a variety of residential real estate topics.

9. No Nonsense Landlord

No Nonsense Landlord is a must read if you're building a rental property portfolio or having trouble scaling your existing portfolio.

Bonus recommendation: Real Estate Blogs

Real Estate Blogs is designed to give a voice to real estate innovators and thought leaders while keeping readers one step ahead on important trends and technology. Real Estate Blogs is a platform for guest posting thought-provoking real estate content. If you have something to share with the real estate world, you can submit and publish your content with ease.

What is your favorite real estate blog?